18 July 2012

Solar Magnetic Poetry

Austin celebrated Solar Day last month by hosting, in connection with an IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, an expo of solar manufacturers, installers, and related businesses. Austin Energy had a booth, too, and that's where I picked this up:

This set was lacking some of the essentials -- like "is" -- but fortunately I have an old set of regular (coal-fired?) magnetic poetry that I was able to draw from to cobble together a few lines.

A haiku would have been nice, but there was too much I wanted to say, and with terms like "renewable energy" and "photovoltaics," I just don't think it was meant to be.


  1. the sun is rising...
    gentle arc across the sky

    1. I don't have "rising," "gentle," arc," "across," or probably "sky"...but yes, that's what I should have written.