08 June 2012

Landscape Update

Austin's flora got an early start this spring, and while some of our plants seem to be at the tail end of their bloom cycle (like the verbena), others are just getting going. Here are some of my recent discoveries:

The Basham Party Pink crape myrtle in the backyard has been covered with buds for the last week or two but is still trailing behind all of the specimens around town that are in full bloom.

It finally has its first two flowers.

The others can't be too far behind.

Then there's Steve's skyflower:

It has finally gotten its first two tiny blooms, too:

I had to replace a plumbago that didn't survive the winter (mild though it was), and the new one is getting its first flowers after being planted:

That's lamb's ear behind it, with their totally unexpected purple bloom spikes. (Who knew?!)

And then there's the vine that took root in our compost pile (almost certainly from something we threw back there).

I thought it was some kind of squash, but now that something is finally sprouting...could they be watermelons?

Really hairy watermelons?

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