25 June 2012

Happy Birthday, Green House

The Green House is two years old today.  We celebrated over the weekend by building it a new downspout for the rainwater collection system.

(Before we permanently attach the downspout, we will spray paint it with Rustoleum Hammered Silver to approximate the look of the gutters and roof.)

We are tying five gutters into the system (the four on the back of the house, plus the closest one on the front side), so we need to replace five of the original downspouts/rain chains with watertight PVC downspouts. So far we've only built this one, which is made of 4" SDR-35 PVC (instead of the much thicker, heavier, and more expensive Schedule 40 PVC that you usually see). I think there are 15 pieces in that one downspout, including five pieces to navigate the stone cap at the bottom of the siding.  We were hoping to find 3" SDR-35 for the more conspicuous downspouts, but we haven't been successful, so the rest of the downspouts are on hold while we decide between 4" SDR-35 and 3" Schedule 40.

Well that was fun. Now back to more trenching.


  1. Good job on the downspout especially going around the stone cap. Keep it up... you are almost there!