14 June 2012

The Case of the Hairy Watermelon

Last week, as part of a landscape update, I wrote about the mystery squash-like vine growing out of my compost heap.

The fruit sure looked like hairy watermelons.

But they weren't, as I discovered when I explored further.  Here are those same two...whatevers...a few days later.

And another that's a little further along than the first two.

And two more that are still further along.

But the one that cracked the case was this guy.

A canteloupe! Of course the hairy watermelon-looking fruits would turn into canteloupes! (Nature continues to mystify me.)

Unfortunately, a friendly neighborhood scavenger cracked the case around the same time I did but had a greater sense of the urgency of the situation, so now it's looking more like this:

But I'll get the next one.


  1. How exciting! Especially when the price for canteloupe at the grocery has gone through the roof.

  2. Hi Amy!

    Has the price of canteloupes gone up lately? I recently bought one on sale for a dollar, which seemed like a great deal...until I realized that I can get them free in my backyard.