07 May 2012

Boggy Creek Farm

A few weeks ago I was in East Austin and realized I wasn't far from Boggy Creek Farm. Being a black-belt trip-combiner, I headed over to check it out.

Boggy Creek is 20 years old, making it probably the oldest urban farm in the Austin area -- and its roots go back another decade to the original farm 80 miles northwest of town. The in-town location is five acres nestled among bungalows built around 1950.

I caught Boggy Creek at a great time of year -- row after row of gorgeous crops.

My favorite parts were the lettuce and the flowers, but the old-timey tractor was also pretty neat.

And the farm stand was open when I was there, selling carrots, beets, potatoes, and more.

If I had been heading straight home, I would definitely have bought some of these sweet peas.

Boggy Creek also has chickens and lots of other crops, depending on the season, and they bring in yet more from their out-of-town location.  Plus their farm stand sells other local companies' goods (dairy products, meats, baked goods, etc.).  For someone like me, who yearns for a vegetable garden at home, Boggy Creek is both a perfect substitute and a source of inspiration for the day when (after the rainwater collection system is installed and the stone beds are built) we are able to grow some of our own food at home.

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