12 April 2012

TLC Without VOCs

I recently shared the new paint job on my $35 junk store cabinet, which took a piece that might otherwise have gone to a landfill and turned it into something pretty special. Now I'm back to fill in some of the details. First, the supplies I used:

I knew no-VOC paint was readily available, but I was thrilled to find this zero-VOC Kilz primer (traditional primer has such a strong smell, it can't be good for you). And I went with Olympic zero-VOC Kitchen and Bath paint because I've heard good things about Olympic, and anything that's made to withstand the moisture and wear of a kitchen or bathroom seemed like a good choice.

Although I had the teal color in mind from the start (Martha Stewart's Plumage), I kind of liked the way it looked after it was primed.

If there had been a good place to put a white or ivory cabinet of this size, I might have changed course and picked up some white paint. But for the setting I had in mind, a darker, bolder color was a better fit.

There's still some work to do. It needs new hinges, and I'm on the lookout for a fun set of knobs to replace these lovelies:

I liked both of these when I saw them online at Anthropologie:

Unfortunately, they aren't as special in person. These cloisonne flower ones are still really pretty, though, so they're not off the list entirely.

But the mother of pearl ones didn't work because the cabinet is so low to the ground (the pulls will be about at knee level). Looking down at them from eye level, the pulls lose nearly all of their interesting mother of pearl detail and look really brassy.

And then there's the back of the cabinet, which was some kind of laminated surface that didn't take primer evenly (which meant it definitely wouldn't take paint, unlike the rest of the interior, which is now crisp, fresh teal). I plan to find some kind of coordinating material in a fun pattern (maybe a scrap of wallpaper?) for the inside of the back. Right now the back is as open as a hospital gown.

But back to what is finished. As you saw above, I like the cabinet enough and am impatient enough that I already brought it in and set it up as an entry area.

Like the grey ceramic basket on the right, which was a Target clearance find, the mirror above the cabinet is new -- Z Gallerie's Devon mirror, which not only shares my name but also feels appropriate since I bought it on Leap Day, just after I made one of the toughest, best decisions of my life. It's kind of a tribute to finally putting myself first.

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  1. The mirror and the table looks fabulous together-- love the gold and blue. Did you know Z-Gallerie at the domain is moving to aboreteum-- so everything in the store is 30% off?