10 April 2012

Green Gate

A few weeks ago Steve and I ventured out to Green Gate Farm in East Austin.  We had never been there, and I wanted to check it out and maybe pick up some local produce, so when I heard that they were having a special event out there, we decided to spend the evening in the country.

And what a lovely evening it was.  It was just before the latest heat wave rolled in, and the relaxed schedule of events allowed us plenty of time to stroll around and check things out.  In addition to the free-range lamb above, there were goats...

...a horse...

...and pigs (that I didn't photograph -- they weren't very photogenic).

The rustic barn predates Green Gate:

And it hid a quaint surprise in back:

Plants for sale!

We bought a broccoli plant for the bunnies (which is now happily growing in the backyard).

And inside the barn were the farm's vegetable offerings:

We picked up some romaine lettuce and a bottle of honey.  But what's really great about Green Gate is that they, like some of the other smaller farms in town, offer a CSA (community-supported agriculture) subscription service.  I'm not confident enough in my ability to make the most of the boxes of vegetables that the CSA provides, but CSAs are a great way to enjoy an assortment of fresh vegetables.

Nearby were more seedlings...

...and rows of veggies just waiting to be harvested and combined into the most delightful packages for CSA members:

We peeked inside an outbuilding and found, perhaps, the secret to Green Gate's success -- a bathtub full of soil:

That tub is emblematic Green Gate, where it was obvious from the little bit of time we spent there that nothing is wasted.  The not-so-secret soil recipe was posted above the tub:

Good to know.  If I ever find myself mixing up a bathtub full of soil, I'll be sure to use that recipe.

Continuing around the barn, we finally arrive at the main event.  Green Gate hosted a showing of three short movies on issues relating to urban farming, presented by the Greenhorns, a grassroots organization of young farmers.

We had arrived well before dark, so we enjoyed the animals, the fresh air, and good food before settling in for the main attraction.  All in all, a perfect evening.

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