28 March 2012

The Greenest Construction in the 'Hood

Earlier in the week, when I wrote about some of the houses being built or remodeled in Allandale, I left out my favorite one so I could feature it separately.  I think you'll agree that it's the prettiest.

And it demonstrates several green building principles, too.

But let's start at the beginning.  Around Christmas, one of our neighbors (let's call him "Dad") decided to build a playhouse for his daughters.  I doubted that it would be finished before they went off to college, but Dad got right on it.

The backyard got pretty treacherous for a while there....

In addition to being small (which is inherently green because less material went into it) and energy-efficient (no HVAC, obviously), some rather creative repurposing of materials went into the super-sweet interior.

They brought in the toddler bed they no longer need, as well as a table, chairs, and a play kitchen, and it's already getting tons of use.

But back to the creative repurposing.  Maybe repurposing isn't the right word.  After all, the materials are being used for the same purpose as they were when they were used in our house -- because we gave them some of our leftover construction materials!

First, leftover tongue and groove boards from our porch ceiling.

Dad was thrilled to have them.  (They were up in our garage attic from construction, and they were 16' long.  When I went to get them down, I realized that they must have been put up there before our walls and ceiling went up.  They wouldn't fit through the little attic access port, so we had to cut them to size before bringing them down.)

But that's not all we contributed to the cause.  Notice any similarities between the playhouse and our guest room?

Dad had asked about the color we used because they wanted to put the same color on the interior walls.  It's Parchment, an old Sherwin-Williams color that they can still make if you ask, but since Dad was going to use Olympic no-VOC paint, I needed to find or make them a swatch to match to.  As I was finishing painting them a little swatch on an index card, I realized that we had more than enough leftover paint, so I just gave them some of ours.

Seriously, does it get any better than that?  A pink and yellow playhouse that's also green?  Nope, it just doesn't get any better.


  1. What a beautiful blog and a wonderful keepsake for us! We just read it and looked at the pictures all together with our whole family and we are grinning ear to ear! Thanks for being our greenest neighbors and such dear friends!

  2. Found you from YHL. How cute is that? I love it!