22 March 2012

Agave Update

A couple weeks ago, Steve and I went to a plant talk by our local Monrovia representative at Shoal Creek Nursery. He had lots of good information, showed us a bunch of nifty plants, etc., but what really matters is that Steve ended up winning me this agave:

Yes! He won it for me! By proving his smarts by asking lots of good questions during the talk! (Really...at the end of the presentation, the Monrovia guy set it down next to Steve and said it was for asking such good questions.)

It's only about 8" across, but it was selling for $40, so I'm thrilled that it came into our lives for free. It's an agave parryi, commonly called an artichoke agave, and it will grow to two or three feet across.

We planted it in front of the house, in the corner by the bunny ears cactus and the agave we planted last summer. We also planted a little Queen Victoria agave that we bought a month or two ago:

It's even smaller than the artichoke -- maybe 6" across, and likely to grow to about two feet. When full grown, Queen Victorias have the most amazing round, geometric shape:

Instead of placing the new agaves where they would be prominent from the street, we decided to focus on making them look good from the house, so we arranged them with the view from inside in mind:

So that's our expanding Texas zone. Now that we have my three favorite agaves and the most awesome variety of cactus (bunny ears), it's time to sit back and watch how they grow and fill out that corner of the planting bed. Not that they aren't already really fun to look at -- here's the view from above:

But that's not all that's going on in agaveland. Remember the baby I moved from the big agave to a pot in the fall?

I wasn't at all confident it would survive being transplanted, but it seems to be thriving.

We plan to plant it in back by the roses this summer, where we can admire it from the bedroom windows. And then we'll start the process all over again, 'cause we recently spotted two more babies sprouting under their mama. I wonder where we'll put them....

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