18 February 2012

Twelve Cents

We finally received our first utility bill since the solar panels went live on October 20.  Due to technological challenges with the city's billing system, we actually received three months all together (but still separated out by month.)

A longer post is in the works once we have a chance to analyze the data further, but now for, the bottom line is that electric service cost us a whopping twelve cents in that first month.  With long, sunny days in October and November, we actually had a surplus of 181 kilowatt-hours, which covered nearly all of our base customer charges for electric service.  (Our total bill was more than that, since water, wastewater, garbage, and street service are all on the same bill, but the $80 or so that we would have spent on electricity was down to pocket change.  Combined with our monthly $11 gas bill for our range, grill, and fireplace, that's not bad.

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