07 February 2012

Sorry, Benny

Back in the fall, when we finished building Millie and Dash's new cage and Benjamin moved into their old one, we knew there was one more thing we needed to do before their house switcheroo was complete.  You see, back when Millie and Dash were still living in the smaller cage, Ben really, reeeeallly wanted to spend time with them.  So much that, when he was out of his little stray-bunny box and left unattended for even a minute, he would frequently try to jump into their cage, but since it has a screened lid, his attempts to hop right in would only get him as far as the top of the lid.  (I wish I could have seen it happen...and known what went on in his little bunny mind when he didn't end up where he was expecting.)  Because of his shenanigans, the screen got pulled and a little torn and was beginning to come off of the frame.  (See where it doesn't lie flat at the end near the bigger cage?)

Then, after Ben moved into that cage, he continued his reign of terror, pulling and scratching at the screen from below.  And then, on Sunday, he somehow tore a 1"x3" chunk out of it.  Not only did that mean there was the beginning of an escape route for him, but we were concerned that he might try to eat the wire or get hurt on it.

And that's how we ended up spending two hours after the Super Bowl replacing the screen with this sturdier 1/4" wire mesh:

Fortunately, we had picked it up a while ago (back when we thought we were going to need to make a lid for the new cage), so we had everything on hand for this late-night project.  And since the old lid was just held together with screws through the eight pieces of the frame, it was easy enough to remove the hinges, take it apart, and swap in the new and improved screen (cut to size one snip at a time with wire cutters).

Benny hung out in the bathroom while we were working on it -- and, surprisingly, he didn't get into any trouble whatsoever while he was there.  But now he's back in his cage, and although it's not clear if he's figured out that his escape-attempt days are over, we're glad that the hazards (and unsightliness) of the old lid are behind us.

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