30 January 2012

A Tiny Blog Tweak

I made a little change to the blog over the weekend. I was poking around in Blogger's design options and decided it was high time Green House, Good Life got a personalized favicon.

If that term is as foreign to you as it was to me, a favicon is the little (I mean tiny) icon that appears in your browser just before a website address and on the left side of each tab:

Blogger's default favicon is this orange and white "B":

Not so exciting, and certainly doesn't capture to essence of Green House, Good Life. Because of their size (smaller than your pinkie nail), favicons are easiest to see when they're a single letter (like the Blogger "B" or the Facebook "f"). But since a "G" didn't seem so cute (and "GHGL" wouldn't fit), I first tried this picture of the front porch area...

...but it was too detailed to be identifiable at favicon size.

So I started thinking about what else might work, and that's when the stained glass in our front door came to mind:

The design was called "California Poppy." I cropped it to a single poppy, lightened it, and cleaned it up by removing the metal trim (called "caming") between the pieces of glass...and that's how a logo (of sorts) was born.

The poppies were already pretty abstract in the stained glass (in fact, they've been mistaken for martini glasses...not unlike the windows on this gorgeous 1920s bungalow), and it's even a little more abstract as a favicon:

But I dig it -- especially since the header photo doesn't show this feature that is one of my very favorite parts of the house.


  1. Just wanted you to know that it doesn't show up on my computer. I still show the orange B. I really enjoy your blog, thanks for writing!!

  2. Hmmm...the last step of the setup process was to clear my cache, and then I could see it, so maybe cache issues are why it isn't coming up for you? (I hate to think that, after all that effort, I'm the only one who can see it!)

  3. Strangely, mine is the little house picture icon instead of the door...

    1. Obviously you are seeing the old icon because you're in England. Move back to the New World to see the new icon! : )