15 January 2012

Flowers in January

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for our little friend Lily, who was turning five. In addition to some fun little Hello Kitty things, we took her this sweet mini-arrangement:

From our own garden! In January!

I had noticed that our verbena still had some flowers on it, which I thought would make a nice little gift for our purple-loving friend. Once I went out back with my scissors, though, I realized that there were fewer viable flowers than I had thought, so I used what I could and also tucked in some sprigs of rosemary and lavender. (When we gave it to Lily, we showed her how to pull off a little piece of a leaf and crumple it in her fingers to get a good whiff of the herbs.)

I think the arrangement was a hit, although Lily's favorite part seemed to be that she got to keep the vase (which, being glass, we talked about how it would be best to let her mom store somewhere safe). I anticipate a series of little arrangements from her own garden next spring.

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