27 January 2012

Coloring in the Caretaker's Quarters

I would have sworn I posted about this last fall, but I just checked and couldn't find it, so here's the latest in the guest room (or caretaker's quarters, once I've completely lost my mind).

Remember the art over the bed?

The colors in the piece on the left (a watercolor of a waterfall on Kauai) didn't really work with the black-and-white-ness in the piece on the left (a photo of my college campus that I took and developed myself), so I got out my colored pencils and turned this...

...into this...

Yup, I colored right over the black and white photo. Colored pencils do a decent job of bringing back some of the color of the original subject. You can still tell it's not a color photo, but it has more dimension than the original picture, and it's really easy to do. The key is to use even pressure on the pencil -- it's hard to mess up when you're coloring green over a bunch of dark ivy, but you don't want to introduce streaks into, for instance, a light blue sky.

With that little change, the art above the bed is looking more balanced (sorry about the angle -- that's the only way I could get rid of the glare):

I still have plans for new/different nightstands and some modifications to the headboard (plus a rug and some other changes to parts of the room that aren't visible from this angle), but it's coming along....

On the subject of changes to other parts of the room, we've brought in a spare dining chair, a garden stool, and a new floor lamp (from Lowe's!) to create a little sitting area:

Oh, and a linen curtain...just one for now...it's a prototype....eventually both windows will have them on both sides....

And across the room, between the closet and bathroom doors, is the beginning of a display area. We will eventually replace the bookshelf with a different piece of furniture (we loved this Ikea sideboard, but it's a bit too wide), and the stuff is sort of a mish-mash -- even the plants on top are only there for the winter -- but the art above, a photograph of my aunt Patti's bees, is a keeper.

So that's what's been going on in the guest room over the last few months. Does any of that look familiar? I'd still swear I already posted about it.


  1. Can't wait to see it in person.. Love the colored photo...

  2. Very cool and clever! Oh, and I approve the progress in my room!