03 January 2012

The Big Christmas Exhale

It's time to say goodbye to our Christmas tree and pack up the decorations. And unlike last year, when (unbeknownst to me, until I went to decorate this year) my packing wasn't entirely logical, this year I'm trying to put like things together and label the bins so that I can find things next year.

Most of our Christmas storage is packed in these red-lidded bins from Target:

I didn't realize until I looked at these pictures that one of the bins (the one on the bottom with the label on the front) is a slightly different size. It's actually one of the two bins that served as Benjamin's home until we finished the new cage, which I repurposed back into a storage receptacle after he moved.

I love delicate glass ornaments (especially mercury glass...have I mentioned that?), but I hate wrapping ornaments in tissue paper -- 'cause, again, I'm not organized enough to be able to find things if I can't see them easily -- so I'm trying out this packing box (from Costco several years ago) for all of the mercury glass ornaments:

I only wrapped a few of them, where I put more than one ornament in a compartment. The others should be safe since we only had to get them up to the attic, and then they won't be moved again until December.

There was actually a little more to pack up than last year, though. While I didn't do nearly as much after-Christmas shopping as last year, I did pick up some champagne-colored glass candlesticks at World Market, as well as a few brown mercury glass ornaments from Crate and Barrel:

Wish I had bought more of the little ornaments (a dollar each!)....

Any brilliant Christmas storage solutions out there? I need better systems in the department. (At least our attic is climate-controlled, so at least we're not sweating/freezing as we search for stuff up there.)


  1. Throw them away every year and buy new ones next year: saves storage space, saves time packing decorations, and gives a boost to the economy each year. :)

    Of course I'm kidding, but isn't it tempting sometimes? We've got similar plastic tubs and dividers, so I can't really add anything to what you've written, but we're on pretty much the same page.

  2. The ornaments are so pretty -- yeah, storing them is rough. I wanted to say thank you, btw, for the helpful comment on my blog about hair stuff. I will definitely give it a try! :)

  3. What I'd really like to do is clear out the cabinets around the fireplace and store as much of it as possible in there, so I don't have to wrap anything or haul it up to the attic....