20 December 2011

Spring Seems So Far Away

With strong winds this morning making our yard look like this...

...spring seems really far off. But that isn't stopping us from continuing to plan for it. So when I learned about a big sale at Hill Country Water Gardens (which has the biggest selection of fountains that we've seen but tends to be a lot pricier than other places in the area), we decided to take another look. And although they've cleared out a lot of their inventory since "fountain season" ended, one version of the one I liked best when we looked this spring was still there, now at 30% off, so we bought it:

We liked a lot of the regular ceramic vessels, but there was something about the pebble texture on this one that grabbed us:

It weighs about a thousand pounds (it's about waist-high and its sides are about three inches thick) and took three big guys to put in our car (but only two to take out, 'cause Steve and our friend Travis are awesome). Installing it seems so far off -- we have to put in the rainwater collection system first -- but it's exciting to think about a time when both of these projects are done.

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