10 December 2011

Somebunny Is On the Move

We finally finished the new bunny cage (months after rescuing Benjamin from the streets). We had hoped that all three bunnies could share it, but we eventually accepted the fact that Benjamin wasn't going to be able to live with Millie and Dash in the new 6'x3' cage, so we moved Millie and Dash to the new one and put Benny in their old one.

Neither Millie nor Dash would ever jump out (as Ben absolutely would), so this arrangement also saved us the trouble of building a lid for the new cage.

This one was a lot harder to construct than the first cage we made back in 2000. This time, we thought we were so smart to make all of our own custom lumber out of 2x4s...

...so we could use pieces like this...

...instead of putting two pieces together to make each side of the frame, but it seemed to make it so much harder. Here's the base, laid out before we started putting the pieces together (with wood glue and then nails).

The rest of the process, involving the side beams, top, and plexiglass sides, was frustrating beyond belief, but it was worth it when we finally got everyone happily settled in their new homes:

Ben still has liberal roaming privileges...although the new cage puts us in control of when he exercises such privileges.


  1. Yay bunnies! Those are huge cages!

  2. Good for you! My wife and I love DIY projects too... though we too find a certain amount of frustration in every project. :) Yesterday, I started some shelves for the basement, but my time was limited to I had to, um, "shelve" the project. Great job with the new digs for the bunnies!

  3. That's pretty cool. :-) Out of curiosity, why does the base need cross structure? Why can't you just use a piece of plywood? Is this a heat issue or surface...?

  4. Meagan -- We put the cross beams across the bottom so the plexiglass won't flex under weight (but the cage itself is lighter than if we used plywood across the whole base). We did the same thing for the first cage, which has held up really well (the plexiglass is caulked in place so that nothing can get under it and hurt the wood frame -- the guys are pretty good about using their litter boxes, but they're not 100%...).

    Thanks for reading!

  5. OH dear, it looks pretty but what about proper ventilation? Even with litter boxes and upkeep, without air flow on all sides it's gonna be tough on their little lungs. This concerns me a lot.

    1. No need to worry -- there's plenty of airflow. The room is well-ventilated from above, so the air is pretty much always moving, and the bunnies stir it up even more every time they hop around their cages.