22 December 2011

Nine Pictures for Nine Years

Digging waaaay back (and not so far back) into the Devon and Steve archives, I bring you nine pictures to commemorate as many years of marriage (with an emphasis on Christmas card pictures, a subject that's been at the front of my mind lately).

1. Toronto, January 2002 (before the clock started on anniversaries). We stayed at a bed and breakfast but visited the Four Seasons for an unbelievable meal, which we enjoyed from a cozy loveseat. (If we have to choose between staying in a fancy hotel and eating at a fancy restaurant, we'll choose the restaurant every time.)

2. The Luxembourg Garden in Paris, where we got engaged in 2002. (The palace in the background is where the Senate meets. But mostly it's known as the setting for our engagement.)

3. The North Shore of Oahu, where we spent the first two days after our wedding. (Our honeymoon was broken up by Christmas; we spent two nights at the Turtle Bay Resort and then went on a week-long cruise after spending the holiday with family.

4. Our first Christmas card picture, in front of the fireplace in our condo in 2003, with Gatsby and Sport (the best bunnies ever...tied with Millie, Dash, and Benjamin).

5. At the top of Haleakala (our 2006 Christmas card picture).

6. Sailing in Hawaii in 2009.

7. Posing for our Christmas card picture with Millie and Dash on our newly-poured slab in 2009.

8. Hiking in Boulder this summer.

9. Also this summer in Colorado (at the Denver Botanic Garden).

Happy anniversary, Steve.