24 December 2011

Neighborly Treats

Last year I really wanted to make cookies for our neighbors. We didn't know a ton of people yet, so I envisioned delivering a cute little bag of treats to everyone on our block (20-30 houses). Even setting aside the fact that, in retrospect, that would have been about a zillion cookies, we just weren't together enough to make it happen (for anyone, not even our favorite neighbors).

This year, with a few more neighbors we count as friends, we scaled back our plans and aimed to deliver about 8-10 little bundles of treats. They have come together over about four days, as I made gingerbread dough the first day, made the cookies the next day, made sugar cookie dough the following day, etc.

In the meantime, similar neighborly well-wishing was visited upon us. First this batch of Scottish goodies arrived (I had assumed that the husband of this couple was English, but it turns out he's Scottish. British accents are hard!):

I love the coordinating plaidware, plus the card identifying all of the foreign goodies. So far the whiskey tablets are my favorite.

Then a family a few houses down brought this over:

In addition to an adorable card full of pictures of their boys, there's some festive wintry Chex mix and cocoa with chocolate-covered peppermint swizzle sticks. Mmmm.

And yesterday I was invited to decorate cookies for Santa with my favorite little girls. They had made three bunny cookies and insisted that I decorate them as Millie, Dash, and Benny:

(I had total artistic freedom on the Christmas tree cookie.)

But back to my effort at neighborly merriment. In addition to the aforementioned gingerbread cookies (all men...couldn't find my gingerlady cookie cutter)...

...and the sugar cookies (including the obligatory bunny cookies)...

...I also made fudge (from this unbelievably easy recipe)...

...and Steve added his specialty, chocolate chip cookies:

We packed them up in cute holiday bags and took them to a handful of neighbors.

And while the whole endeavor was, obviously, more about giving than receiving, I scored lunch and some intel on a new baby on the way!

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