25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We've been working on our holiday decorations since just after Thanksgiving, and although I don't think we quite got as much done as we wanted...we're at the deadline.

So, after a few sneak peeks over the last couple of weeks, I present the very best holiday merriment we could muster.

We continued last year's Christmas card management strategy:

Some favorites from the year (man, we have photogenic friends...):

Moving along...I put some interesting multicolored mercury glass ornaments in the glass terrarium Steve gave me for my birthday (from Crate and Barrel...the kind of thing I would never have bought for myself -- at least not at full price -- but I love love LOVE):

The tree was an ongoing effort (I realized that I didn't pack up the ornaments very well last year, so finding things wasn't as easy as I would have liked). We used our Swarovski crystal ornaments and the mercury glass I picked up on clearance after Christmas last year, plus a few other coordinating ornaments.

Last night, circumstances put us way behind on dinner preparation, and since we still had a bunch of ornaments that hadn't made it onto the tree, my brother, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Jenn, added the finishing touches (an exciting first foray into tree decorating for Jenn, who is new to Christmas):

I think we have a Christmas convert on our hands.

I attempted some night photography...you be the judge of how well it turned out:

But for all of the decorating and shopping and wrapping and baking...this morning it all boiled down to this:

Quality time with the little ones....

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  1. Very pretty decorations and a cute little bunny! Merry Christmas!