17 December 2011

Love at First Sight

When I saw this 2' mercury glass tree at Pottery Barn, I had to bring it home. I knew I could probably get it for half the price if I just waited until after Christmas, but I was powerless to stop myself. (Although I had two different coupons that brought the price down to about half anyway, so....)

So sparkly!

I put it on the koa table (currently residing in the dining area) with a mercury glass vase and the vase I bought during the Missoni for Target extravaganza a couple of months ago.

The thought of having to put it away after Christmas is already making me a little sad. Fortunately, the mercury glass vase gets to stay. I love how its honeycomb pattern reflects light in every direction:

For now, though, I'm loving looking at the tree.

And hoping I can still get another one half off after Christmas.

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