18 December 2011

A Little December Gardening

Yesterday, in addition to the mercury glass tree, we also bought a few plants. First, two "tri-color" sedums...looking pretty winter-weary.

We had seen this variety in the spring at the nursery while shopping for our trees, and while they're looking pretty sad right now, we can look forward to this fun carpet of pink and green next year:

Naturally, we planted them in the sedum garden (the skinny strip of dirt between the porch and the future patio) along with our autumn joy sedum and the moss rocks I recently added. And while I was there, I discovered that one of the autumn joys is blooming:

Proof that it's still decidedly autumn in Texas, I guess....

Moving along, we also bought a little "bunny ears" cactus.

Why is it called that?

We're going to put it in the front yard somewhere near the agave, but we haven't settled on a location yet. In the meantime, though, I saw that one of its ears had broken off. I know that fallen paddles of bigger cacti will re-root if they're standing up in the ground, so I tried adding it to the sedum garden as an experiment:

We'll see what happens.

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  1. Those are beautiful! I'm thinking of planting some succulents next year. I hope they look this nice!