28 December 2011

It's Go Time

Tonight's the night that I get back in the saddle. Er, back in the running shoes.

To be clear, I've been running...some...but it's been short and slow and miserable. Tonight I'm going to haul myself to the track, where the Austin Runners Club has a weekly track workout (generously coached by my friend Matt). Track work is THE single best thing you can do to get faster (and I need some serious faster). In an hour or so, you can do about four miles of speed work, plus some warm-up and cool-down. I haven't been to this workout in forever, so I'm not too sure what it will consist of, but the intervals will probably be 200s up to maybe an 800 or two, at paces from perhaps mile pace (for the 200s) to 10k pace (for the 800s).

On a related note, back when I used to be really good about going to the track on my own, some of my favorite things to do were running backwards (so much harder on your quads than you expect -- it's like running straight up a big hill) and interspersing sets of five push-ups between intervals (really tough when you're out of breath, so there's something kind of awesome about having done it).

But back to tonight. It's going to be in the mid-50s -- perfect to get back into the swing of things.

And now, to drive the point home -- I'm going for a run! -- a picture of me running a few years ago.

I'm the smiling one. (But not on the inside, I assure you.)

Update: It was a relatively short one. One mile warm up, one mile cool down, and three sets of 200 sprint-100 rest (walk)-400 sprint-200 rest (walk). Less than two miles of main workout, but it was hard and it felt good(ish).

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