31 December 2011


Just wanted to share the awesomeness that is our (Steve's) new WORX Trivac leaf blower/sucker/mulcher. After strong winds a couple of weeks ago, our entire yard was blanketed with leaves, and picking them up the old fashioned way was pretty tedious. The Trivac saves all of the trouble of picking up the leaves, maneuvering them into the garbage can, and packing them down into our single yard waste garbage can. (I know I sound like an infomercial -- in fact, that's where we first saw it, although it's available at regular home improvement stores -- but it's really great to have found a good way to manage the gazillion leaves that land in our yard in the fall/winter.)

Since there are two of us, it's easy enough for one of us to rake the leaves into piles before (or while) the other works the WORX. I got outside first and made these four piles (about what I thought we could fit into our garbage can, which the city picks up on garbage day and turns into compost):

Then Steve came out and started sucking:

The Trivac has a shoulder strap attached to the collection bag to take the weight off of your carrying arm.

It probably took about a minute to suck up each pile, and thanks to the mulching function, we could fit about a pile and a half into the bag before we had to stop to empty it.

I recently saw one of our neighbors using a similar leaf sucker, but it was HUGE and looked really heavy. The Trivac is easy to carry, and although the bag needs to be emptied a lot, it's a good size to unload into a regular-sized garbage can or lawn bag.

After dispensing with the first four piles, Steve turned the Trivac to the blower setting to try to make the next pile without using a rake, but it wasn't wildly successful. (It's probably easier to use the blower on a hard surface; too much got stuck in the grass.)

So I used the rake again, and we probably collected about four more piles worth. And thanks to the mulching feature, they all fit in our one average-sized garbage can!

I'm pretty sure our neighbors have noticed our frugality and wish we would just buy another so we could finish the leaf collection now, instead of having to wait until garbage day next week for the next batch.... Still, we got the leafiest parts of the front yard cleaned up, and we're probably just half a garbage can from finished for the season.

And since none of the trees are ours, well, you're welcome for cleaning up your leaves, good neighbors. (Kidding. We totally appreciate that our neighborhood is full of trees. Picking up leaves up once a year is a small price to pay for all of the benefits that we get from having so many trees around.)

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