12 December 2011

The Christmas Tree, Takes 1 and 2

We got our tree last Thursday. Friday I started stringing the lights, using new super-efficient Phillips LED lights, but we only had two sets and, it turned out, needed three. Saturday I went to Target and bought two sets -- cool white and warm white -- because I didn't remember which white we already had. Sunday, after tracking down the boxes for our first two sets, I added a third strand -- cool white, as it turned out -- to the tree.

And then I turned them on. And not only were they crazy-fluorescent bluish-white, but they totally didn't match the color temperature of our new capiz star.

So we took all of the lights back off and boxed them back up. Today I took them back to Target, exchanged them for "warm white," and re-strung them on the tree.

So that's finally taken care of (although we need a few more days to get all of the garland and ornaments up).

The star only took one "take" to get in place, so that was a victory. It's capiz and is all luminescent and fabulous. We started looking for a fancy new star last Christmas, so we were thrilled to find it (also at Target).

Give us three more weeks, and I'm confident we'll get all of our Christmas decorating done. (Sigh.)

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