30 November 2011

A Visit from the Plant Stork

Our agave had a baby.

Since we've been told that the variety of agave we chose (desmettiana variegata) isn't likely to survive the winter, we wanted to be sure we can keep the baby going so we can replace the big one next year if necessary.

But how to separate it? There's no good way. We dug out around it, but it was solidly attached to the mama. Eventually, we used the sharp edge of a shovel to cut it off. The baby had three long roots attached to it (forgot to get a picture, but they looked just like the main roots from when we planted the agave over the summer). We put the baby in a pot with a mix of half garden soil and half sand:

It's inside for now because we've been having cool nights, but I'm sure it will make its way back outside to enjoy the sun....

In the meantime, we've been enjoying its interesting shape and delicate yellow stripes:

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