03 November 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Now that it isn't a thousand degrees out every day, our landscaping seems to think it's spring. Plants that were in hibernation all summer are finally flowering again.

We lost one of our eight rose bushes (bad adjustment to the drip irrigation system, I think), but the pink and red knockouts have started to flower, and three others are on the verge of flowers as well.

One of our oleanders is starting to bud (and the other has a lot of new greenery):

Of our four verbena plants, one of them has exploded with color (the others are kind of "meh"):

The skyflower that Steve picked out on his birthday bloomed pretty well all summer, but since the heat subsided, it has experienced a growth spurt:

Then there are the plumbagos. They have been growing and flowering all summer, and it's crazy to see how much they have filled in since we planted them:

Ditto for the yellow and white lantanas around the crape myrtle in the backyard:

Even a gaura that we thought was dead after the solar guys stepped on it (breaking the stem off at the ground) started growing back with more foliage than it had before:

No flowers yet, but if spring lasts into December, who knows?

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