07 November 2011

I Heart Swimming

The pool at my gym was closed for maintenance this weekend (and the lake has finally crossed over into too-cold-to-go-without-a-wetsuit territory). But fortunately, I was able to get a swim workout in anyway. Or something like that.

Friday night was the finishers' party for the Texas Tri Series, a series of six triathlons ranging from a super-sprint in April to a half Ironman in October. While I didn't do all of the races, I volunteered for the ones I didn't race, so I still qualified as a "finisher."

High Five Events, which puts on the races, and Jack and Adam's bike/triathlon shop, which is closely affiliated with High Five, do an outstanding job with all of their events. I really can't say enough about how much they do to provide a great experience for athletes at every race, and the same is true of their parties. (They have a volunteer party after each event to thank the hundreds of volunteers who make the races possible, and they're always at great restaurants with lots of food and fun.) Friday's finishers' party was like triathlon prom, with people we usually only see in spandex and wicking fabrics actually wearing kind of dressy regular-people clothes.

Anyway, among other fun perks, the party featured a photographer and green screen with backdrops like a field of bluebonnets, the Texas Capitol, and...well, more triathlon-specific options. There were also some props, including a bicycle helmet and, um, this:

Okay, so I didn't technically get a swim in this weekend (hopefully I will today). But isn't pretend swim start practice just as valuable?

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