16 November 2011

I Like Ipe

We've been making slow but steady progress outside, and last weekend we took a big step forward in the screened porch -- a big barefoot step, because the formerly dirty, dusty concrete floor is now nice, clean wood:

We ordered these wood floor tiles waaaay back in August, but between the solar installers using the porch to store their equipment and then plain old inertia, it's taken us a while to actually get them in place.

This wood is ipe (pronounced "E-pay" -- not at all like "I like Ike"), and the slats are attached to a plastic grid that allows the tiles to snap together. (Why didn't I take a picture of a tile and the grid?) They're most commonly seen in a 1'x1' format, laid out either straight or in a parquet pattern -- and Ikea sometimes has 1'x1' tiles that look like a 6" parquet, although they're not ipe -- but when I realized that I could put two 1'x2' tiles together to make an extra-large parquet, I knew that was the configuration for us.

Oh, but before you go getting all excited that we were able to cross a project off our to-do list...see what's going on along the right side of the picture below?

It's not done. (Cue the sad trombone.) We still have four boxes in the garage, and we're going to have to cut those pieces to size (and undercut some door trim), and all we were able to get done last weekend was the dry fitting of the full pieces. We even had to deviate from the parquet pattern along the edge to temporarily fill in the biggest gaps so our brunch guests wouldn't fall off the edge. (But yes, we had brunch guests! And we ate out on the screened porch! And it was divine!)

Anyway, stay tuned and maybe you'll find that you like ipe, too.


  1. this looks great. can you tell me where you got the tiles? or the make of them? we can only find 1'x1' and it appears you laid out 1'x2' tiles. thanks!

    1. You're right -- I found 1'x2' tiles here: http://www.ecoarbordesigns.com/. I sent e-mail before I ordered to confirm that they would work in a 2'x2' configuration, since the website only shows the tiles arranged in rows. (They also advertised a discount for more than 100 square feet, so I asked about that and saved a bit.) Hope that helps!