11 November 2011

Art is Everywhere

Art doesn't have to cost a lot or come from a fancy gallery or even start out as "art" at all. As evidence for this proposition (Exhibit A, if you will*), I offer these law firm ads I saw recently in a really boring legal magazine (pardon the glare -- the actual images are much more frameworthy):

In addition to showing that some lawyers might actually have a sense of humor, this is kind of a neat image. Although the name at the bottom could be cropped out, the text in the middle unfortunately can't, but even this cropped version would be cute in a frame:

Then there's this bold two-pager (which didn't all fit in my picture):


Or, linguist-style, with "ingenuity" in seven languages:

This one might be more appropriate on a men's room door, but I liked the bold image:

It could work in a frame on the wall at home...

...but probably would be best on the restroom door.

On a peppier note:

How cute would this be in a frame on the wall of a bright, sunny kitchen?

* That's a lawyer joke joke. The underlying lawyer joke is a cartoon in which a lawyer in court offers what he calls "Exhibit A," which is a big letter B. I don't think it's funny. Some lawyer friends think it's hilarious. They are obviously wrong.

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  1. A big letter "B" marked as "Exhibit A" is not only funny, it's hysterical. Right, Abby?