07 October 2011

Two For Two

Our record with city inspections has been...spotty. (Even for top-notch contractors, inspectors can be so persnickety that failed inspections aren't at all unusual.) It took a few tries to get a pass on the preliminary solar inspection, and we were a little apprehensive about the final. Plus, we've been needing to schedule our irrigation inspection, and since we needed to wait around at home for each of these inspections, we made some calls and managed to schedule them both on the same day.

And we passed...

...and we passed!

We're still waiting for the solar meter, which we need to actually start generating electricity, but passing the inspection means that we're finally on the list for one.

And the irrigation inspection was a bit of a process. When I called our irrigation guy to schedule it, he said he needed to bring some paperwork to us first. I didn't know why he didn't just leave it when he finished installing the system, but when he came to drop it off, I learned that the inspectors are really picky about needing very specific documentation right there next to the controller in the garage, and if anything was missing, we would fail. So he came back the evening before the inspection to get everything set up just so, and while he was here, he made some tweaks to the system and gave us some supplies to expand our drip system as we get more plants. (If you're local and want to install an irrigation system, I would totally recommend him. Although a lot of his work is at high-end homes for owners who probably leave everything to him, he's been really supportive of our interest in handling our own programming and modifications to the system.)

On a related note, the drip system has been in for about six weeks now, and we're really happy with it. This lantana in front of the house (a bandana rose variety) is, too:

By the way, although the days over 100 degrees seem to be behind us, we're still waiting for fall to really set in. Yesterday was the 160th 90-degree (or higher) day this year, which broke the record set in 1925.

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