18 October 2011

Small Victories

Last week I posted about the guest room. (Well, the bed area.) I like how it's shaping up -- especially with a cousin coming to town in just a few weeks -- but there was a triumph hidden in plain sight in that picture that I think is worth a post of its own.

See the green pillow in the middle of the bed? Back when I bought the duvet, it was looking like this...

Or, unfolded, like this...

...which kind of reminds me of the elephant that was eaten by the snake in The Little Prince:

But never fear, it's just a Eurosham I got on super-clearance for $5 at West Elm, holding a pillow form I already had (actually a pillow I bought on clearance at Target because its $8.24 price tag was less than most similar pillow forms would cost on their own).

Interesting note: if you read down below the "UNDER PENALTY OF LAW THIS TAG NOT TO BE REMOVED EXCEPT BY CONSUMER" warning, pillows usually state their dimensions, which can be helpful when you're mixing and matching.

Anyway, here's the Eurosham on its last day as a Eurosham:

Taking that picture suddenly made me realize how wrinkled it was, so I stopped to iron it...and then never took any more pictures. But this should be pretty self-explanatory. Sewing it down to size was pretty easy. The Eurosham had a folding closure in the back, which I wanted to leave intact, so I planned to make the first new seam on the opposite side from the opening. After turning the Eurosham inside-out, I measured the dimensions of the pillow and measured in from the open side for the long seam, marking a line with my trusty blue sewing pencil so I would have something to follow with the sewing machine when I sewed the new seam. Sort of like this one:

(These pencils are great because they don't leave a permanent mark, and they even come with a plastic brush thing that you can use to wipe the line away if you're Type A like that.

I quickly turned the new cover right side out and tried it on for size, and the length was a fit, so I turned my attention to the other dimension and followed the same process.

I was hesitant to cut of the excess (maybe I'll want to re-sew it to a bigger pillow someday? I don't know), so I neatly folded it inside the "new" cover when I popped the pillow inside. And that's all there was to it.

I bought something that needed work, and sure, it took a period months for me to actually get around to making the modifications, but I did it. Small victories.

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