02 August 2011

Travis Made Me Do It (Again)

When last we visited the guest room, it was serving as a warehouse for screened porch accessories. And then I set everything up on the porch, and suddenly we had our guest room back, just in time for my old friend Travis's overnight visit.

But what kind of hostess would I be if all I did to get ready for a guest was to clear the the junk out of the guest room? Even though Travis was a boy guest -- whom I was pretty sure wouldn't notice or care what the space looked like -- I wanted to make the room as nice and inviting as I could in the limited time I had to work on it.

Back when I first bought the duvet, I was excited to find that some pillows I already had, plus a West Elm euro sham I picked up for $5, would work well with the duvet. Here it is back when I was first test driving it:

But remember the part about the guest being a boy guest? I had visions of Travis seeing all of those pillows and not knowing what to do with them at bedtime (there's still a lack of horizontal surfaces in the room), and I thought, the least I can do is not get Travis all confused and angst-y about having to put my nice pillows on the floor (he may be a boy guest, but he's always quick to take his shoes off before coming in the house, so I know he's not so frat-boy-ish that he wouldn't be respectful of our things). Anyway, anticipating his pillow confusion, I decided not to use all of the pillows in my arsenal. Instead, I just went with the two main ones, plus one coordinating West Elm Spring Floral pillow.

And since I had just bought these grey geometric pattern sheets (from Target) that are rather masculine (and look really great with the duvet's floral pattern), I decided to leave the duvet folded in half at the foot of the bed so the patterns could play off of each other.

Now, if you've been reading for a while, you know that I pretty much never pay full price for anything. But I made an exception for this yellow carafe on the nightstand (sitting on a plate that was, I think, $3 on clearance at West Elm) because I totally dig the idea of having water right there for my guests:

A dresser or some kind of taller furniture piece would be a better location for the carafe, but there isn't one, so I put the water on the side of the bed near the bathroom. Here it is in close-up:

The lid becomes a glass:

Is it just me, or is that totally the kind of little touch that makes a guest room feel like a bed and breakfast?

Moving on...you may have noticed that teeny-tiny framed picture over the bed above. (Or you may not have -- it's really tiny.) I put that up there temporarily so there would be something over the bed for Travis's visit (we don't want him to think we live like animals, after all). It's our Etsy pears painting, which I relocated from this little strip of wall so I could hang this round blue mirror:

I love that you can see greenery in the mirror...'cause if you actually step up to that window, there's some ugly going on out there:

This is where we're going to put our raised vegetable garden beds, surrounded by gravel. Someday. For now, we call it the "quarry." Vegetable gardens aren't usually too pretty (hence, I guess, this story of government overreaching -- needless to say, I'm firmly on the side of the gardener), but a pile of gravel just might be even less attractive.

Maybe this fun dish (from HomeGoods) that looks like a sparkly turtle shell will detract our guests' attention from the vegetable garden area until we can improve the situation?

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Still to do in the guest room:
Paint and/or replace the night tables
Jazz up the headboard (after 12 years, I think it's time)
Sew the green striped euro sham down to size
Add a rug?
Frame and hang the real art above the bed
Figure out an arrangement for my collection of ceramic origami fish
Redo the luggage rack that I picked up at a garage sale last summer for $5
Check out more garage sales (okay, that one isn't directly related to the guest room, but it's such an adventure, and I should get back into it)
Add some kind of dresser or other furniture piece?
Find more proportional lamps

(By the way, despite everything that remains to be done, when I asked if the room was okay, Travis said it felt like being at a hotel. And while he didn't drink any water from the carafe -- he ended up arriving really, really late at night and went straight to bed -- he also said (totally unsolicited) that he appreciated that it was there.)


  1. I LOVE your home. The craftsman style is my fav. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to reading more here :-).