31 August 2011

Someone Else Does the Weeding

We spent the first few hours of our Colorado vacation at the Denver Botanic Garden. It's sort of on the way(ish) from the airport to Boulder, and it was spectacular. (It was also hot -- upper 90s every day we were in Colorado, hardly the respite from the heat we were seeking, but still better than the 109-degree oven we returned to.) You'd think August in a bit of a drought wouldn't make for very pretty gardens, but there were flowers everywhere.

Including some that we have in our own garden -- roses...

...columbine (although it's the state flower, this was the only one we saw)...

...and plumbago (trained into a topiary, which Steve dug).

The garden was laid out as a series of really lovely "rooms" and spaces:

The garden is huge -- acre after acre of gorgeousness. It has countless ponds overflowing with water lilies:

The violet of this lily is so striking that I didn't even notice all the colors in the lily pads until later.

Mini-wildlife was everywhere.

This one only looks like wildlife (the plant is called Redbirds in a Tree):

I thought this pink and white flower would be nice on a handmade card...

...as a single flower or a whole cluster:

These were interesting because they seemed to flower from the bottom up, except that one of them had already bloomed down below and was finishing up its blooms on top:

This sunflower image was a total accident -- the flash inadvertently went off, and after I took the picture again without flash, I found that I preferred this fiery version:

This succulent would be great in our (future) sedum garden:

I'm thinking we're going to have to go pink and green in that little strip of garden between the screened porch and the (future) patio. I have no idea what this scorpion tail-like succulent is, but it would fit right in, too:

There you have the highlights of the Denver Botanic Gardens, through the eyes of yours truly. On a personal note -- while we were there, we started working on a collection of what I think of as "arm photography" (you know, where one of us holds the camera as far away as our arms are long, takes aim, and fires):

Good times.

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