16 August 2011

Snow Day Wrapup

This post has been a long time coming. Back in February, when we had our snow day, I dropped the hint that I was working on something involving this:

I bought this mirror (and another just like it) at Marshall's last winter.

I loved the mother of pearl but didn't love the black edges (which were kind of felt-ish...weird). But I thought some enamel paint in our trim color would make it perfect. I didn't have a place in mind for it (or its friend) at the time, but it fit my (newly adopted) cardinal rule of decorating: only buy it if it can go in more than one room.

Painting took painfully long, as the felt took several layers to fully cover (plus I quickly realized that the enamel paint was too stinky to use inside, and it was too cold for much of the winter and too hot pretty much every day since). But bit by bit, I got it done and then set about figuring out a plan for it.

While that was going on, Steve and I had a series of discussions about our closet. He thought I had taken too many of the hanging bays; if I had, it was only because he had stolen shelf space that rightfully belonged to me. So it seemed only logical that I should claim another bay -- the first one inside the closet door -- to use as a dressing area.

I bought a straw hat to wear during yard work, so I hung it on a little hook on the left. (It didn't come with the pink ribbon; that was packaging from a quilt I bought a while back, which I tied around the hat and laced through the weave so I could tie it onto my head.)

The clothes on the shelves you can see reflected in the mirror? All Steve's.

On the right, I hung the towel bar that I had bought for the master bathroom before deciding to use a different one in there.

It's a nice place to hang some jewelry and other little pretties. Like this beaded scarf my mom gave me for Christmas last year, which I love but isn't seeing much action lately (have I mentioned that it's three hundred degrees out?).

I added pretty, neutral boxes and things, as well as a teacup that I've used forever to hold my hair clips.

It's one of about ten pieces I have from my parents' wedding china, which, sadly, was decimated when we moved from Hawaii to Colorado when I was ten. It's Grecian Key from Flintridge China, a California company that's probably not around anymore. I love the little silver Greek key detail.

So that's my new dressing area. It's come a long way since was it just another hanging bay holding a bin of socks and some random things.

Much improved!

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