17 August 2011

Just Add Water (Please!)

With zero rain for the last, oh, three forevers, there's been no rush to get our rain chains in. But we're trying, slowly but surely, to continue making progress outside despite the unbearable heat, and, well, there was no time like the present (which is now the past) to finally finish out our gutters.

Earlier this summer, I saw a house with rain chains on the Cool House Tour, and I realized that we were lacking the spout attachments their gutters had. Since the source information was right there in the tour book, I called that house's gutter contractor and arranged to have the attachment spouts custom made for my chosen chains ("extra link" style, which I ordered online). I thought he quoted me a very fair price per spout to make them, so I was thrilled when he told me that price included cutting appropriately-sized holes in the gutters and installing them.

Which he did this week, transforming this:

into this:

Or, for the full effect, taking this gutter-to-nowhere:

and making it into this:

I'm digging the delicate look of the chain from various interior vantage points:

And the two chains by the entry kind of jazz up Canyon Creek:

I'm not gonna lie. Getting this done was pricey. But the rain chains and custom-made attachments came in well under the $140/downspout that our original gutter installer would have charged if we had decided to go the traditional route, and I think this look suits our house so much better.

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