08 August 2011

I ♥ Grandma

Over the last few years, on our travels and around town, I've taken a bunch of pretty flower pictures.

They spent a long time confined to the prison that is my hard drive...until I decided to turn them into notecards.
I've been looking for suitable cardstock for a while, and I even picked up some solid sheets on a Jerry's Artarama shopping trip a few weeks ago, but it needed to be cut to size and Jerry's doesn't sell paper cutters (when I asked, I got the sense that paper cutters are craft supplies, while Jerry's Artarama is an art store. I resisted the urge to ask if there was a Jerry's Craftarama in town). Anyway, at Hobby Lobby recently I saw these pads of scrapbook paper that, folded in half, would make decent notecards, so I picked one up (at half off...'cause no one should ever pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby).

I'm a big fan of old-fashioned correspondence (
Christmas cards, anyone?) and try to write to my grandmothers once a month. (I fail...but I try.) Every few months I print up some pictures of the house or recent races or whatever, and that motivates me to get letters in the mail because I like to think it totally makes their day to receive pictures from their favorite (?) granddaughter. So I recently printed up these pictures (which have already made an appearance on the blog):

I decided to try making scrapbook paper cards. I found some spare envelopes, which required me to cut the scrapbook paper down just a bit, so I tried out the paper cutter I also picked up at Hobby Lobby (not Jerry's Craftarama).

That gave me a card and a little scrap of paper.

For kicks, I glued the scrap (with Mod Podge) into the envelope to make it look like a fancy matching lined envelope.

And then I cut a water lily picture down to size and glued it onto the card.

Once I write a message on the card, add a description to the back of each picture, and put it all together, my grandma-gram will be ready to send.

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  1. Very cool. I love the personal touch with the photos. I bet your monthly cards make your grandmothers' day.