27 July 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

It has come to my attention that some of my favorite little ladies in the world are in the process of decorating their shared bedroom. And I'm doing everything in my power to persuade them to let me help.

They (er, their mom) had already done a lot of the work before I learned about the project. They have picked out this quilt (two of them) from Pottery Barn Kids:

And these sheets (also from PBK):

The quilt and the sheets are so sweet together:

Just about as sweet as my little friends, in fact.

They are deciding whether they should paint the bedroom, and if so, what color. I haven't seen the current color, but I say YES YES YES YES YES. Just 'cause a new bedroom deserves a fresh, new color. I like this buttery yellow:

It's very similar to the color of our current guest room, which is the exact same color as our old guest bedroom (Sherwin-Williams Parchment).

But I also like this green:

(Boy, does Pottery Barn style their stuff amazingly for the catalog/website.)

I like this pink, too, but one of my little "clients" doesn't like pink, so I guess it's out:

But maybe, just maybe, she would let me hang a little valence made from this striped fabric:

(That's the Parchment paint swatch on top. If you're wondering.)

I've actually been gradually collecting ideas for a friend who may be having a baby in the not-so-far-off future. In my mind, it's a girl baby, and I'm tickled to pieces at the prospect of decorating a baby girl nursery. It was with that in mind that I first fell in love with the striped fabric, as well as this fun Etsy print (from iAlbert) that I think would also be lovely in a bright pastel floral room:

But alas -- so far, no nursery to decorate, so I haven't actually bought either of these things. But in thinking about the girls' room, I realized that I had a few accessory items from our old guest room (which was sweeter, prettier, and a bit more country than our current guest room) that don't really have a place in the new house. And I realized that these items might be perfect for the girls' room. (And, truth be told, the main purpose for this post is to show their mom what those items are -- out of sight of the girls, so if they don't fit into Mom's vision, I haven't gone and gotten her ducklings all excited about working 'em into the room.)

So here you go, N.:

Two shelves that look like flowers. (The bottom half of the flower attaches to the wall, and the other half sticks out as the shelf.) Each about ten inches across. Seriously adorable.

Two yellow boxy shelves with scalloped edges. One is a little larger than the other -- maybe seven and eight inches.

And a small picture frame. Fits a 3-1/2 x 3-1/2" picture -- just big enough for three grinning faces.

It's not my call, of course -- I'm still just hoping to get to participate -- but I think their chosen bedding begs for lots of fun, colorful accessories, and I'd love to see these things find new life in the girls' room.

Along with a pretty, sweet, girly chandelier, maybe?


  1. I think that all looks very sweet. There's nothing like decorating for lil'uns!

    BUT, you have my West Elm duvet. And I need to see how your whole space pulled together because mine, sadly, ain't pullin' together. Care to share?

  2. I haven't gotten much further than this disheveled mess. It's a work in progress, but I'm feeling optimistic about it. In addition to the pillow work to be done, I have plans for a gallery wall, maybe changes to the headboard, and some other fun decorative elements. I still need to find a rug, decide on curtains, and get new side tables. Lots to do before I have any kind of "after" to show off!

    I didn't see pictures of your room on your blog -- maybe you'll add some? I did, however, see that you have TWO babies! They're adorable (and so is their room).