18 July 2011

The Problem...

Last week, in my to-do list post, I mentioned creating a dry creek bed area in front of the bunny room. Here's what that's all about.

During construction last April, we had a rainstorm that clued me in to a water management issue that we were going to have to tackle:

The short-term plan, while the yard was still a heaping pile of ugly, involved placing our rain barrels under the gutters in that area to catch as much of the rain as possible and keep it from flooding the nook. This picture not only shows their gorgeousness, but also the three rooflines that come together in that area to create typhoon-erific conditions during heavy rains:

The problem is exacerbated by the too-small rain chain holes (not to mention the lack of rain chains), which I hope to have remedied soon.

Anyway, with so much water landing in the area between the entry and the garage, I thought we would need to put in a French drain or something to channel rain away from the house, but both landscape designers we talked to and our friend in the rainwater collection business all said we would be able to deal with it through improved grading. So when we rented the Bobcat, we were sure to pay extra attention to that area, as well as the yard in front of it, creating as much slope away from the house as our flat lot would allow. Fortunately, the Bobcat fit perfectly into the nook between the entry and the garage, so (with a lot of care, and driving really slowly) we were able to build that area up and create a gentle slope, and then a channel down the middle, to divert rain away.

The next rain tested our plan. Things were definitely looking better, but with water pummeling the ground (since we had taken away the rain barrels) and our newly installed edging (placed to delineate our someday front walkway) slowing the flow of water out of the area, water was still finding a way to trap itself closer to the house than we wanted.

Not only that, but the rain tended to carry away the mulch that we had spread around the barberries, columbines, and canyon creek abelias we had planted. Mulch ended up strewn across the driveway. Since we had planned to add a few more plants and fill the whole area in with mulch, that wasn't going to do.

At that point, we had one more trick up our sleeve, but it was becoming clear that wasn't going to be enough, so we restrategized and got to work, slowly but surely. And that brings us to this weekend.

Stay tuned for the solution (in a post later this week entitled, creatively, "The Solution").

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  1. I hope your solution worked. That looks like a stressful mess on your hands.