29 July 2011

Money Laundering

I recently stumbled upon a fun new blog, austin cubed, which chronicles the process of designing (and soon building) a modern home on a vacant lot in our neighborhood. Although the owners' style couldn't be more different from our own, our green sensibilities are extremely similar, and it has been fun to compare notes on various aspects of the process. Earlier this week, a post about clothes dryers (specifically, how much energy they waste by diverting conditioned air out of the house) got me thinking about our own dryer.

Having sold our old washer and dryer with our condo, we bought a new dryer during the year we were renting during construction. Although gas is certainly more efficient than electric, we decided to go with an electric dryer on the theory that it would be free to power once we got solar panels (more on our recent solar decision-making process soon). But that doesn't change the fact that, during the summer, our dryer takes cooled air from our living space, heats it up, and sends it outside through the dryer vent...which then creates a subtle vacuum effect that brings in new warm air from the outside (that then needs to be cooled down again).

The house we tore down had a clothesline, and back when we bought it, I thought it would be neat to use one. It was old and icky, though, and we took it out during demolition. But back then, I had thought that we would put up a new one sometime. (Probably after we replace the fence. Seems like you should have a fence before hanging your undies out to dry.) And then a gazillion other things ended up on our to-do list, and although we actually do air dry a lot of our clothes on a rack in the mudroom, the clothesline idea kind of fell off our radar.

Until that Austin Cubed post. The clothesline is still waaaay down on our list of priorities, but I've started thinking about where to put it and have been collecting ideas on Pinterest. (Don't have a Pinterest account? If you ever tear out pictures or articles from magazines and would like to be able to do the same thing online without having to bookmark a bunch of links, Pinterest lets you do that, cataloging everything in an easy-to-find way. And now that tons of people have Pinterest accounts and are busily "pinning" images every day, searching for something like "clotheslines" right there on the site yields lots of pictures that other folks have already pulled in.)

So, after looking at dozens of clotheslines, I've found a few that I like, and they all happen to be pretty much the same style.

(Source unknown.)

(Source: Johanna-Vintage, a Swedish blog! Written in Swedish!)

Does that one come with the lake? Probably not. So something like this is most likely what we're going for:

(Source: Livs Lyst, a Norwegian blog! Written in Norwegian!)

That all assumes that we actually decide to put up a post for the clothesline. It's also possible that we would simply run the line from the house to the fence, or to another part of the house. But since I do want to have the option of drying clothes in fresh air (not to mention without using any energy but my own), and it's nice to have a head start on thinking through the possibilities.

Oh, and the title of this post, Money Laundering? It was inspired by this fun Pinterest image:

(Source: Lists O'Plenty)

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