01 July 2011

Man at Work

Steve moved to a window office some time ago, but I've never been by to see his new digs. Until this week, when I had the chance to stop by and help him decorate. And by "decorate," I simply mean place the five pictures he had on display in his old office.

First, we hung the two pictures of Gatsby and Sport, our old bunnies:

Gatsby is Dash's doppelganger. Gatsby was as regal as Dash is dashing. There are no words for Sport's cutes, which were legendary.

To the left of the bunny portraits, we placed a picture of Steve with our little buddy Schaefer (taken at Schaefer's mom's first triathlon a couple of years ago), and to the right, a picture of me at Carcassonne (my favorite place in all of France) in 2002.

Between window/door area and supercool dry erase boards, Steve doesn't have much vacant wall space, so putting these pictures up on the shelf is the best place for him to be able to see them as he works.

And speaking of Steve working (and supercool dry erase boards), here he is:

All the scribbles (and the colorful lines on the computer screen)? That's the latest and greatest wireless computer chip. It may not look like much now, but I think you'll appreciate it when you get your iPhone 6. (I have no idea whether it will be in the iPhone 6, or whether there will be an iPhone 6 or if Apple will invent some new number altogether for future iPhones...possibly a number that's also a color...iPhone Greleven, anyone?) Anyway, we also hung that picture over his desk. It's a caricature of us, made at his company Christmas party a few years ago.

The view from Steve's office isn't much to look at (sorry, Steve, but I think you already knew that). But the lounge area looks out on the building that used to house an IRS office, which that angry creep flew his plane into last year:

(Way in the background, in the center of the picture.) They're working on rebuilding it. So far it looks like they've only taken it down to its bare structure and repaired the metal where the plane actually hit. It's been like this for months:

But back to more pleasant things. Steve couldn't be happier to finally have his pictures of Gatsby and Sport back on the wall where they belong:

Now that's a lot of handsome in one place.

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