22 July 2011

Harvest Festival

Our basil has grown beyond our wildest expectations.

It comes up to my knees. Lately, it's been putting out a lot of flowers, and while I've been pinching most of them off, between the heat and the cycle of basil life (as explained to me by a reader the last time I wrote about it), it was starting to seem like it was now or never if I wanted to try making pesto.

So out I went to harvest the basil leaves. And I was pretty ruthless.

If you happen to know enough about basil to know whether I can expect it to grow back in, would you let me know? I really could not be dumber about this kind of thing.

Something else I couldn't be dumber about? The ingredients in pesto. I was shocked when Betty Crocker informed me that it's made of grated parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and basil.

Who knew?! (Okay, maybe everyone but me. But seriously, nuts and cheese? Wait...are pine nuts really nuts? Doesn't matter.)

Anyway, once the ingredients are assembled, the instructions are simple: blend.

Actually, I used the food processor function on our Cuisinart Duet (blender and mini food processor in one), which worked just fine.

After mixing for a few minutes, I took the lid off and immediately smelled the familiar scent of pesto -- which doesn't really (in my opinion, at least) smell like any of its ingredients. Pesto is mysterious.

And it sure is tasty on capellini.

But the best part? There's about a cup of pesto in an ice cube tray in the freezer.

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  1. Mine grows to about my shoulders every summer from a sprout. It will keep filling in, no worries.