21 July 2011

The Dry Creek Bed? Let's Call It Canyon Creek.

My favorite part of the process of creating a (faux) dry creek bed in front of the bunny room was -- sorry if this is kind of lame...news flash: I'm kind of lame -- spending time up close and personal with our Canyon Creek abelias. We bought three of them, as well as three kaleidoscope abelias, to go in the spots where our landscape designer had indicated boring old all-green-all-the-time dwarf pittosporums, and it's been a total treat to see their sweet little flowers emerge.

They're the bushes along the garage wall at the left of this picture, and as you can see, the flowers aren't too visible from a normal distance.

So although it was hard, hot work, being forced to hang out down among the flowers wasn't so bad. The Canyon Creeks have grown a ton since we bought them, and they have tons of tiny pinkish flowers:

The color looks nice against the stone on the house, and the gravel, too.

But mostly I just dig those little flowers all by themselves. And I love how they look pink, but it's really those tiny leaf-petal things around the flowers that are pink. The flowers are pretty much white.

Regardless, they add to the pink and green (my college colors) going on in our landscaping, and I love them.

The other abelias, which we planted across the front porch, are doing well but are definitely lagging behind a bit. Their branches are growing more slowly (but more consistently, so they're still round bushes, just a little bigger than when we bought them, whereas the Canyon Creeks have long, tentacle-like branches). And so far only one of the kaleidoscopes has only this little first sprig of flowers:

Plants seriously mystify me. I'm amazed that two totally different plants (okay, both abelias, but still) could have the exact same flowers...but in color combinations that make them look so different on the plant. Neat stuff.

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