07 July 2011

The Backstory on the Back Porch

The makeover taking place on the back porch has been a loooong time coming.

The new paint color dates back to last February. Last February -- 2010.

Right after our back porch was painted green, we visited our builder's other project (which we thought of as our house's older, fancier sibling) and saw that they had painted their porch the color of the exterior material of their windows ("cashmere," in MarvinIntegrityspeak -- there's even an official Sherwin-Williams color formula for it). We have the same windows and also chose cashmere for the exterior material, and the second I saw their painted porch, I knew that was what we should have done. Unfortunately, our porch had, just days before, been painted green to match the rest of the exterior.

I love the color* and was perfectly happy with the porch, but there was something about these cashmere walls that made me want to kick myself for not having thought of it before our porch was painted:

(I took this picture while we were selecting lighting -- the lights we chose for our entry and the front of the garage are, totally coincidentally, from the same line as the pendant they put in their porch area. This shot was intended to capture how much the bulb showed through the inner (frosted) piece of glass because we were using CFL bulbs.)

They used tongue-and-groove planks for amazing texture and character on the walls, but that was too rich for our blood. (We only got tongue-and-groove on the porch ceilings.)

But the white trim on the outside of the porch? Sherwin-Williams Divine White -- which we shamelessly copied (we chose our own green, though).

Here's the fabulous (and huge!) porch after that house was finished:

(More pictures of that lovely abode, and photo credits, here.)

As I've started painting our porch, I've been struck by how dirty the horizontal surfaces of our white trim have gotten. Before digging up these pictures, I had concluded that I may want (at some point in the distant future) to repaint the trim inside the porch in a darker, coordinating color that won't show dirt as much. Once again, the owners of that house are several steps ahead of us. It must be nice to have an unlimited budget....

But back to our reality. Instead of tongue-and-groove planks, at our builder's suggestion, we went with board and batten siding to make the porch look less like the rest of the exterior and more like a living space. Here you can see two of the battens (which, I've discovered, are basically painter's speed bumps), as well as the color of the "cashmere" windows and matching paint:

Anyway, as soon as I saw that other porch, I knew that was our porch's destiny. (Melodramatic? Perhaps. But such is the strength of my conviction.) I actually bought the paint last September and have been dreaming of (slash dreading) getting started on the transformation. So even though it's not finished, I'm thrilled to see it coming to fruition...however slowly (there's been no more progress since yesterday -- this week is eating my lunch, as the kids say).

* On the subject of house colors, last weekend our doorbell rang as we were getting ready to go to the gym. When I opened the door (in my triathlon gear), an unfamiliar woman said sheepishly, "This is a weird question but --" at that point I knew what she was going to ask -- "what colors are on your house?" I told her that hers wasn't the first drive-by color inquiry and gladly shared our colors with her. There's something about a house-color-compliment that makes me totally giddy. House imitation truly is the sincerest form of house flattery.

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