09 June 2011

This and That

Planting is still underway. Our car has looked like this a lot recently:

(That's a cadenza rose, a yellow columbine, and a red cascade rose, if you're wondering.)

But even as we continue to buy things and settle them into their permanent homes, we're already starting to see new growth. Like this first vibrant "fountain" flowing from our purple fountain grass:

Or this gaura blossom that looks so much like a butterfly (and attracts them, too, allegedly):

And then there's the lantana that we bought a few weeks ago and still haven't gotten to planting:

Soon. (Have I mentioned how much I love yellow? Especially under, say, a big, pink crape myrtle.)

Oh, and while I'm sharing interesting snippets, here's something I saw at a nursery that kind of horrified me (I did not buy this):

Kind of like dyeing your poodle green for Saint Patrick's Day. Not cool.


  1. ick - Texas cactus - it's like they tortured them. And they look terrible where they're cut.

    Love lantana though - love it.

  2. Hello! I was wondering, may I use this on my blog? I have a little series that shows things in the Shape of Texas, and those cacti have got to be one of the craziest things I've seen. (Gosh, they did look like they hurt them though...).

    ecarian at yahoo dot com

    1. Hi Gale, feel free to use the picture on your blog. I would just ask that you link back. Thanks!