20 June 2011

It's Too Hot to Leave the House

Yesterday marked approximately our one thousandth consecutive day over 100 degrees. Or at least the 15th. At any rate, it was hot. I did a short triathlon, which started at 7:30 in about 80 degree heat, and by the time I finished, it was a sunny, sweaty 85. It was also really windy. (See? Even the word "really" looks like it's blowing away -- which it probably would have if I were typing this outside.) The wind was so bad that, although both my equipment and my overall fitness have greatly improved since I raced that course in 2007, my time was a minute slower. Anyway, the race was fun despite swimming through mini-whitecaps, riding into the wind almost the whole way, losing a few seconds to the rookie error of going the wrong way as I brought my bike back into the transition area, and running in direct sun and yet more wind.

There are cooler temperatures on the horizon later this week (highs "only" in the mid-90s), but for now, I'm pretty much over the great outdoors. But fortunately, we have lots of windows, and unlike the line of sight snafus detailed in this post of yore, the placement of the Basham's Party Pink crape myrtle ended up pretty much perfect. And the best part is that I was able to take all of these pictures without leaving the 78-degree comfort of the house (yes, as long as the humidity is kept down, 78 degrees is quite comfortable). Here's the crape myrtle from the master bedroom:

First thing every morning, we peek outside to check out its ever-increasing floral display:

The guest room looks out onto it as well:

And there's a nice view from the kitchen sink (which also is pretty much the view from the screened porch and -- although farther -- from the living area):

If only there were a way to do the watering from inside, too. (Oh wait, there is. Finish the vegetable garden beds so the sprinkler guy can come back and set up the drip system, which will then be controlled by the automated irrigation system. More on that -- and the possible delay/opportunity there -- soon).


  1. Sounds like horrid weather. Of course, some might say that three days of dripping weather with cloudy skies and lows below 60 is bad weather. Frankly I think it's easier to get out in mine. When are you going to visit. I got tickets to one Olympic event - either Rowing or Sprint canoe. Can we skype already?

  2. I should show you pics of our crepe myrtles. They were about 5 bucks each our second summer in our house. Four years later, they're each twice as tall as me and just amazingly pink. Awesome. Oh, and one planted a seedling by our mailbox which is now waist-high.

  3. Way to go, Linds. We paid, um, substantially more than five bucks for the big one in the backyard. Instant gratification....