21 June 2011

Flora Focus: Skyflower

For a spot at the back corner of the house, where the side pathway leads to the main back planting bed, we chose this bright, happy skyflower:

Our landscaping plan called for a pineapple guava bush, which looks a little something like this:

(Picture from www.growgreen.org.)

We never saw one in person, and the pictures weren't really doing it for us, so when Steve decided (on his birthday, no less) that he wanted a skyflower instead, we went for it. We didn't really think the substitution all the way through, but fortunately, it will be roughly the same size as the pineapple guava (5-9' tall x 5-9' across) and is also an evergreen, so it should do the job just fine. Here it is in the ground not long after we planted it:

It has some growing to do before it will qualify as a shrub (it's currently about six inches tall), but its little flowers really couldn't be prettier.

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