15 June 2011

Benjamin (Cute as a) Button

Once our new little bunny friend finally had a permanent home (ours) and a definitive gender (boy), it was high time to give him a real name. We racked our brains for a while, joking about needing to trade in our girl bunny name book for a boy bunny name book, until "Benjamin" eventually came to us and seemed perfect.

Oh, and Benjamin has a chore, too. Every morning and every evening, I let him out of his cage, and he hops with me to the bunny room (he's still not living there yet), where he helps me feed Millie and Dash (er, I feed them while he hops around and over my feet). Then I get a scoop of his food and he hops back to his cage for his meal. Here he is in action (helping me deliver papaya treats to Millie and Dash):

In case you're wondering, it took five takes to get a clean video. Oh, and that's the makeshift cage that Lynn, who found him, lovingly cobbled together for him; we're still working on building a new, larger cage for Millie and Dash so Ben can move into their current one. His temporary quarters are tight, but he has liberal roaming privileges (some of which we did not grant him as much as he claimed for himself, such as when we woke up Saturday morning to find him waiting patiently at our bedroom door).


  1. That is so sweet! Yes, it was Lynn's bunny, technically...but I was the one who thought to contact you and ultimately made the 'bunny love match.com 'connection !!!

  2. WOW!!! I've had my bunnies for several years and they NEVER come when I call them. Even when Craisins are involved!