07 May 2011

When Did This Turn Into a Gardening Blog?!

Over the last week or so, we've been buying plants to fill up our planting beds, using our landscaping plan as a rough guide. Where we're deviating from the plan, we are sticking to native and drought-tolerant species in order to maintain our house's five-star green rating. We've been to about ten nurseries (including some that we visited last weekend in our tree search) and hope to swing back around to a couple of them to finish up the shopping this weekend so we can get everything in the ground next week.

So far, we have abelia, barberry, bulbine, plumbago, lantana, rosemary, esperanza, verbena,....

We still need some roses, sedum, lavender, skyflower,....

Am I terrified that we'll plant everything and then watch as our investment slowly (or quickly) withers and dies? Yes.

Am I hoping my friend Ursula was right when she said plants are a lot easier to manage in the ground (where they can better regulate their moisture and aren't as reliant on their people to water them)? Also yes.

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