06 May 2011

Things Are About to Get Personal

I think I'm allergic to yard work.

I don't remember exactly when this started (last weekend?), but they got me.

The bugs. All over.

Actually, mostly my hands and torso, and a bit on my ankles. (And some spots on my arms and legs. And neck. Okay, that's pretty much everywhere.) Google says it's chiggers, which are invisible to the naked eye and totally destructive to the naked body. Not that I was doing yard work in the buff -- but when you're a microscopic bug, it's apparently really easy to creep inside of cuffs and up shirts or to just settle on whatever uncovered skin you can find. The world is your buffet. And by "the world," I mean "my inner elbow."

'Cause, yeah, I made the mistake of going outside in short sleeves a time or two last week.

This is just like last year, when I thought we had bedbugs. Chiggers are so small that you don't even know you've been bitten, and the bites take several hours to develop, so waking up to all of these itchy spots made me think bedbugs...but, fortunately, it wasn't. (Another thing that helped us to rule out bedbugs last year was that Steve wasn't getting bitten. Apparently chiggers don't like men as much as women. Yay for womanhood.)

The ones on my hands are the worst.

My pinkies are covered in these weird, tiny blisters that won't go away. And everything's itchy.

Apparently bug spray works to keep chiggers at bay. I'll have to do that from now on. And tuck my shirt into my pants and my pants into my socks, to be safe. (Just when you thought I couldn't look any nerdier doing yard work.) It remains to be seen whether I'll actually start wearing gloves, though. I sure do love getting my hands dirty.

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  1. Oh,no, CHIGGERS!! They're not a problem where we live now, but when I was a kid growing up in Mississippi, a body full of chigger bites could make your life miserable! Good luck steering clear of these pesky critters!